Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The funniest Blonde joke EVER

Okay, I'm not usually into Blonde jokes, but this one's the best ever!

Just click here

Father Dan: The Funniest Blonde Joke Ever - Bet Me!


Wouldn't you know it!

I make the mistake of mentioning Vox Day in my last post, and he puts a link to it... And of course, rather than being one of my deep insightful posts, or one of humorous ones, it's just a collection of random events happening in my life.

Good thing I don't ache for respect among the online viewing public.

In an amusing note, he blamed my social programming on public schooling. Now THAT'S damn funny!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

The State of the... Well, not Union... The State of Jess!

Well, times are interesting…

I met a gorgeous girl at work last night. But alas, she came in right after I was done for the night, so she didn’t see me onstage. I have as yet to get a date in my life who hadn’t seen me onstage, first. It’s 99% of my mojo. She asked for my number, and said she’ll call. Hmm… I’m not holding my breath on that one!

On the other hand, I did get a valentine this year – two actually. One was an online valentine, which was nice. And the other was sent by a female friend who’d read on one of my MySpace quizzes that I’d never gotten a valentine.

Aw, shucks. It made me blush. But then, I’m Irish. I turn red for any reason, and sometimes no reason at all.

I’ve been struggling to find work for a couple of months now, and suddenly I’ve been inundated with job offers. Now I have to decide whether it’s time to move again… I hate decisions. In college, I was given the choice of three majors. I chose them all (hence my four-year degree taking six years!). That’s how my mind works. I don’t think that’s going to be feasible, this time. Why can’t we have cloning yet?

I’ve been trying a new workout strategy. On the one hand, it’s working magnificently; I’ve added about 15 lbs. in the last month, and mostly I like how I’m looking. On the other hand, I’ve got a bit of a belly. Not much, and nobody else would see it as such, but I like having a six pack. Maybe I should just settle for a keg.

So I was at the gym, and this Avril Lavigne video was on the TV while I was running. It’s a song all about how she’s not going to put out, so she’s pissed at her boyfriend for trying to get some. Okay, I can deal with that. But the whole video was her following this guy around telling him how much she doesn’t want him or need him, and he’s ignoring her the whole time. He walks from her apartment downstairs, walks out into the street, and the whole time she’s following him… Seemed kinda against the point of the song, to me.

On other topics, I’ve been reading a lot of the online columnist Vox Day. Although I think he confuses correlation with causation much of the time, I really can’t argue with a lot of his observations. One of his favorite topics is feminism. The gut reaction I have is totally opposite his views; however, every life experience I’ve had says that he is right. I’m still digesting this one. He’s a completely sexist guy, but every time I think that he’s saying something completely unfair, I can’t provide any memories or experiences to the contrary.

If you’re interested in some thought provoking (and probably quite offensive) thoughts on this topic, here’s some reading by him and another online columnist named Mike Adams.



On the topic of academia, and where it’s headed in America (short answer, Hell in a politically motivated handbasket), here’s a couple of more articles.


And speaking of politically motivated handbaskets, a couple people have emailed me asking for substantiation of my claims that our government’s long-prophesied descent into Big Brotherness is in full throttle, well…






There are some areas of life that are getting better, and I don’t want to sound like a complete pessimist. Technology, medicine, longevity, quality of life are all at a peak in America, more than any other place I know of at any other time in history. Opportunities still abound in virtually infinite areas of life to pursue what you want to do, who you want to be. Racism, though still alive, is definitely getting weaker with every passing decade.

On the downside, I also see signs of societal decay;

1) Our schools are an utter failure, and getting worse, not better. I see no possible way of saving them without scrapping the entire system.
2) Our society is becoming more socialist, despite the failure of every socialist scheme that’s ever been attempted. Our medical system, the most advanced in the world due to free-market innovation, is rapidly becoming more and more socialized, and I anticipate complete socialization of it within 15 years.
3) People are no longer truly cognizant of the price and privilege of real freedom, and despite our history, we are quite possibly within one or two generations of losing the vast majority of our freedoms, willingly handed over in the name of security.
4) We stand on the brink of financial ruin, both as a government, and individually. Fiscal responsibility is sneered at.
5) We’re destroying our environment, and making no real effort to change direction. From global warming to water pollution to depletion of oil, coal and forest, we’re living at unsustainable levels.

So, are we headed up, or down? My answer is yes. The optimist in me believes that we can overcome any obstacle thrown at us. The only question is; at what cost? The longer we wait, the higher the bill is going to be.

That’s why I plan on taking over the world as Supreme and Benevolent Dictator. Won’t you join my party? I guarantee kickbacks, lavish lifestyles, and much corruption at the highest levels!