Friday, June 17, 2005

My communication skills are getting worse, apparently. I'm still having people ask me why their pictures aren't up in my "friends" page, but only one person has sent me her photo since the last time I ranted about this.

Aarrggghhh!!!! I can't put up photos I don't have! And I mainly associate with highly intelligent people, too!

Okay, that's enough exclamation points for one paragraph.

I've been hearing that RobThomas song "Lonely No More" a lot, and there's one section that I just couldn't believe the lyrics. It's all cheesy pop/rock music and words, but right after he says
"Now it's hard for me when my heart's still on the mend
Open up to me..."

And all the music cuts out, and clear as day, I'd swear he said "And I could do your girlfriends."

Which, hey, I can understand the sentiment, but I couldn't believe it was in the song. But no matter how many times I listened to it, I couldn't hear anything else.

But then Katie just had to ruin it for me. She informed me that it's "Like you do your girlfriends."

I liked my version better. And it's still what I hear.

Speaking of Katie, she's the best roommate ever. If any of you all are looking for a roommate, I suggest finding one like her. The only possible improvement would be if I could hypnotize her and convince her she's a nymphomaniac that really wants only Jess Mills.

Can't have everything, though, you know? Well, not until I take over the world.

My CDs have started selling again. I guess I'm getting a good enough name at Pat O's that people are getting interested. But it's scary, though. I don't think "Right Out of the Blue" is a good representation of who I am, and what I can do now. But that's just incentive to get back to hardcore working on my next CD.

And Jonathan sent me the refined product of the songs we did last summer. The man is a freakin' GENIUS. I am so giving him as much credit as I can on the CD.

One year of living in New Orleans, and I'm still not a vampire. Crap. But I do completely live the hours of one, though.

Well, it's almost dawn, so I'll crawl back into my coffin. Vote early, vote often!


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