Friday, October 19, 2012

A Conversation With Caleb Baccus

Concerning your number nine pick, "Come On Come On" - you covered the album so well I didn't have much to say on it. However, I would like to go back to one of the topics you brought up, and that's the female artist. Like you said, most of the female artists don't appeal to me, and it has nothing to do with their talent, but with the relatability of their music. Because of this, I don't have any albums from female artists in my Top Ten. That being said, there are some great ones out there; Lee Ann Womack's debut album, Dixie Chicks Live... And anything from Joan Jett I love.

There is definitely a relatability issue with women... But I also feel more of them are manufactured tools of the music industry than men are. I don't think the industry cares about female talent anywhere near as much as their looks, and so the great female singer/songwriters don't get a chance if they're not also smokin' hot babes. Whereas ugly-ass men still hit it big, because women care about status more than looks, and men love looks more than talent. Which is a shame.

That point is well made, sir.

That's another reason I like Mary Chapin Carpenter; she was never hot, but she still managed to top the charts. I can't think of another female artist that has done that since. (Topped it on sheer talent, I should say. Some women have topped it based on being freaks - i.e. Macy Grey)

Macy Grey definitely didn't make it on talent.

So all my hopes are on the rare talented and beautiful singer/songwriters.

Talented beautiful female singers are possible to find, even on the radio. Ones that write their own music? THAT'S hard to find. Ones that do all of the above, and are singing songs that both sexes can relate to? Impossible.

"Passionate Kisss" is one of my favorite songs. I had no idea it was a cover song, though. How did you find this out?

Hmm... I think my step-dad told me. He was the one that got me really hooked on her music. But when I was looking up the videos on YouTube, I came across the original. Very similar in concept, just not as polished a performance as Carpenter has.

I also knew that "The Bug" was a Dire Straits song from my early days at "Howl at the Moon (when a customer was irate that I didn't know the origin of every song ever written), but I had never listened to it until now. I still like her version better, but I'm biased.

I do too, which is strange to me, as there are few bands I enjoy more than Dire Straits. They're one of the few bands I felt were truly original. Or sounded original, I should say

They definitely managed to create a unique sound - HARD to do.

I've been trying to think of a female singer/songwriter in the same class as Carpenter. It's hard. Emmylou Harris is the only one that comes to mind.

Can't argue that one. Kathy Mattea is one I have always respected, as well. "Where Have You Been" is a simply amazing song, and she had many others as well. I always had high hopes for Trisha Yearwood, based on her amazing voice, but...

Oh yeah! Kathy Mattea! I forgot about her. Trisha has one of the greatest voices I've ever heard, but I only like one or two of her songs.

She probably has my favorite voice of all living female Country artists. I thought "The Song Remembers When" and "Walkaway Joe" were her best, and she didn't write either of them.

Sadly, I think I prefer it when she sings backup or duets with other people.

Makes sense - she's got a wonderful voice for harmony.

Like she was the main backup on "He Thinks He'll Keep Her."

True! I forgot about that.

Awesome pick for number nine, Jess.
Thanks! Can't wait to delve into your number nine: Hell Freezes Over by the Eagles.

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