Thursday, January 27, 2005

Well, it's been pretty busy the last couple of weeks for me. How about you?

My brother had his second kid. Despite my repeated assertions that the best name would be "Jess Tandy Mills Junior the Fifth," he went with "Matthew Jess Mills." Still, a pretty good name. Now, for his firstborn, I was told that my job was to
a) be the Godfather (I wore a double-breasted suit to the christening)
b) learn the moonwalk
I haven't found out my new assignments yet, but I'm waiting.

I'm about to move into the French Quarter - should be quite exciting. I'm a little worried about how noisy it'll be in the daytime, but other than that, I'm really pumped. No more driving in heavy traffic, no more looking for parking... I can practice during my breaks... Plus, I'll be living next door to George Rossi, an incredible pianist, so I'm going to be hitting him up for free lessons all the time.

I've been watching "Lord of the Rings" - the extended DVD editions, plus appendices. As you know, it was filmed in New Zealand. Where exactly is Old Zealand? Do any of you know?

Dance Lessons are going extremely well. My teacher is talking about taking me to competitions, which I'm a little nervous about. But still, I'm having a blast. Of course, I work every night I could possibly go dancing, but that's beside the point. Should there ever come a day when I need to get on the dance floor, I'm coming closer and closer to a point where I won't look like an idiot.

I'm starting to lose touch with a few of my Texas friends, which sucks. I either need to take a vacation, or fly them out here more often. What, me take a vacation? Shah! As if! Southwest Airlines, here we come!

Anyway, keep writing at me, and I'll keep trying to stay on top of all the emails.


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