Sunday, January 30, 2005

Well, since my last post, I've seen two movies, and read two books.

The first movie was Jerry Bruckheimer's "King Arthur." What a waste of a movie. Predictable, boring, by the numbers. Just a retread of things we've all seen way, way, way too many times. The worst part is that it claims to be based on a true story, when it's at best based on an unproven theory concerning the origin of the King Arthur legend. If you're that bored, email me, and I'll give you a list of better movies to watch. Don't waste two hours of your life on this one.

The second movie was "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." I can't recommend this one enough. It was incredible in many ways. It felt like a cross between reading a 1940's comic book and a 1930's film noir, with a little bit of the "Tom Swift, Jr." novels of the 1950s thrown in. Stylish, elegant, and innovative, while nostalgic, at the same time. Oh, and it had Angelina Jolie in it. Does the earth contain a sexier woman? I think not. But anyway, I loved the movie. I watched it four times - the first time normal, then with the audio commentaries (there were two), and then normal again. It renewed my faith in cinema... I'd go on and on, but I'd doubtlessly bore you - just buy the movie, and write me, and we can talk about it then.

I also read "Coyote Blue" and "Lamb" by Christopher Moore. No man takes a more skewed look at life, and yet, his observations on human character are dead on. The beauty of his humor is that he's simply pointing out just how bizarre humanity really is.

Oh, and I also walked up and down Bourbon Street a lot, watching the girls flash people for beads. Mardi Gras - what a wonderful time.

Talk to you all soon,

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