Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Smallville, oh Smallville...

I got my DVD player on my computer working (I don't currently have a TV), so I've been watching the last season of "Alias" and "Smallville."

In many ways, "Alias" feels like it jumped the shark a while back. Vaughn and Sid are the exact same people they were in the first season, facing pretty much the exact same problems in the same ways... The more things change, the less they (the characters) do. Very boring, really. Of a moderate interest are the father figures, who become more and more ambiguous as the seasons go by. Personally, though, I'd watch it just for the characters of Weiss and Flinkman. I think they should get their own spin-off.

Hey, it'd be better than "Joey"!

Then I caught up on "Smallville." Sadly, they didn't kill off Lana Lang. They brought in Lois Lane, who was an incredibly annoying character. But then, I found her equally annoying in the comics and in the movies, so I can't really blame the actress or writers. The only problem with the casting was that she was a really hot looking girl who appears to be in her mid to late 20s, playing an 18 year old. Then again, none of the "high school" characters on "Smallville" look like they could still be in high school without having flunked many, many grades.

However, they are in Kansas, so... Maybe they told their teacher they believed in Evolution, so they got held back.

I'm still waiting for Lex and Clark to come out of the closet. They spend more time gazing into each other's eyes than they do looking at girls. And Clark has so many chicks throwing themselves at him in the fourth season, but doesn't "give in" to any of them. Even after he gets married.

Yeah, he's a fudge-packer.

He does datea hottie who's not annoying. So they kill her off immediately, just like they did that indian (sorry - Native American) chick awhile back. Yet Lana Lang stays alive, damnit!

They need Joss Whedon to write for awhile. Yeah, he'd still kill off any happy couples, but it'd be more interesting watching them before they die.

I wish they'd use the soundtrack or themes from the original movie more. Man, that was a great movie score.

I'm curious about the upcoming Superman movie. I hope it doesn't suck. I thought "Batman Begins" was pretty good, but nowhere near as good as the 1989 Tim Burton "Batman." I think I'm the only person in North America who has that opinion, though.

And I hate "Harry Potter," and thought "Titanic" sucked! So, hah!

Anyway, I just thought I'd post, 'cause it's been awhile.

Talk to you later,


P.S. Here are some various articles I found of interest in the last couple of weeks.


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