Monday, February 07, 2005

I wish I could budget like the Fed.

The new federal budget is being criticized as too "harsh" in its "cuts," and sometimes praised as "lean," and "fiscally responsible."

Point one - expenses will be (assuming it's passed as written, which is doubtful) approximately 124% of income. I'd love to spend that much over what I make, and be called fiscally responsible.

Point two - that doesn't count all the interest we're already paying on our current debt. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a huge debt, but you didn't have to figure it into your budget?

Point three - most of the "cuts" are actually increases. They're just smaller increases than previously expected. I'd love to make cuts like that.


I was also reading a lot of viewpoints from the Arab world about the upcoming Palestinian/Israeli negotiations. They're thoroughly convinced we're the pawns of a vast Jewish conspiracy.

That might be nice, but no, I'm pretty sure we're our own independent idiots, answering to nobody but ourselves. It would be nice to be able to blame somebody else for our policy mistakes, though, wouldn't it?

Don't you love politics?


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