Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well, well, well...

If I could translate the intention of writing in my blog to the actual doing of such, I'd be a very prolific writer.

As it is, I suck.

Well, in important news, my favorite author, Steven Brust, has written a novel set in the world of "Firefly" and "Serenity." Which is just frickin' awesome. And he finished a new Vlad Taltos book, and has submitted it to his editor.

Also, I'm still happy about "Knife of Dreams," Robert Jordan's newest.

Have discovered P.N. Elrod's Vampire files; a vampire detective series. Formulaic and predictable, but an enjoying diversion, nonetheless. And so far, it hasn't turned into porn, which is a first. If you haven't read my blogs, you may not know about my observation that vampire novels written by women all turn into porn (it usually takes a few books), whereas ones written by guys turn into horror (of the long disgusting description type).

Am getting more into the swing of Vegas. A lot to do here - and interestingly, I have a lot more free time. Great for practice.

It's not as easy to get dates here as it was in New Orleans. Nobody believes me when I tell them that, but it's true. And those who live here generally agree with me, though all the folks I talk to either give me downright disbelief, or start giving me advice that I've either tried, or would NEVER try...

My apartment is set up now. It's cool, having my own place, with my own stuff in it. I've got my own room, with my own bed, and the windows covered so that no light comes in, and I can sleep all day. It's great.

I keep meaning to give a long description of the road trip, but really, it's just too long to type. Call me, and I'll tell you all about it.

One thing that was ironic; I was having a discussion with my Dad about the encroaching reach of the federal government, and how I felt our civil liberties were being trampled. My dad is far more trusting of the government than I am, and in general, more conservative (not that he is much of either, but more so than I am). Anyway, during this discussion, we get pulled over by the state troopers right before we get to Hoover Dam. We're told that we were "Required to submit to a voluntary inspection of your cargo. It is mandatory that you volunteer to have your trailer checked." If we didn't meet their requirements, we'd be sent back 90 miles, and have to find an alternate route into NV.

The explanation given? "Heightened security over Hoover Dam. The terrorist warning level has risen." According to the officer, if our cargo was all in boxes, we couldn't pass (most of it was the car).

Not only did I find it disturbing in general, and ludicrous (if we wanted to blow up the bridge, we wouldn't do it in a truck wearing the distinctive license plate "WE TEXN" - nor have there been any islamic jihadists with the last name "Mills")... But if their only concern was the Dam, they could have a sign posted back at the detour location, stating what types of cargo were allowed. Nor was there any equipment there to detect bombs.

If I were paranoid, I'd say it only served two purposes;
1) to make us get more used to having our privacy violated, rather than deal with the inconvenience of saying "no."
2) to do something simply because they could.

I don't blame the officers. I'm sure every one of them felt he was helping win the War on Terror. But for the people issuing the orders; what side is winning again? Freedom, Democracy, and the American Way?

Oh well. I will contine to cast my useless vote every 4 years, and bitch online every chance I get.

In a way, I shouldn't complain. Life is GREAT here. And I have so much to be grateful for that I can't even begin to describe the depth of that emotion in me. Things are going well in every front or my life. It's just when I look at my country that I love so much, and at the world, it makes me sad. We're destroying our nation, and our environment, both as fast as we possibly can, just for the sake of convenience, and the unwillingness to take responsibility for our own actions, and accept the consequences of them. And if the bill doesn't come due in my life (which I think it will), it probably will in the lifetime of my nieces and nephews.

Well, I'll quit writing now, before I go off on my diatribe against Universal Health Care.

Talk to you later,


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