Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well, I had just written a long entry for the blog. I went to publish it, and two firsts happened:

1) I didn't save it first
2) it didn't publish, and reported an error instead (like I know what to do with that)

So anyway... Quick rundown...

Had a big fight with Anna. But for once, I'm not backing down on, 'cause for a change, I wasn't wrong. She thinks I'm playing games. I think she's using a double standard, and I feel like you shouldn't accuse somebody unless you're certain. So we'll see where things go. I've never believed in apologizing unless you mean it. And I certainly couldn't mean it right now.

Heard from my friend Caroline yesterday. We were buddies all during college at SFA, but slowly lost touch afterwards. It was great to hear from her, and now I'm trying to get her to plan a road trip to Nawlin's. It's looking like December is a distinct possibility.

Had a date after work last night. Which was a pretty cool concept in and of itself. Went out to eat a cool little cafe in the French Quarter (our waiter had blue hair - I LOVE New Orleans!). After that we hit a few bars, heard a couple of live bands. Ended up at the Maple Leaf Bar listening to Tony Hall jam with a local band. If you don't know who that is (which I didn't before last night), he's the bass player for the Dave Matthews band.

But they laid down a funky groove so tight that I actually got out on the dance floor. And didn't look too terribly white, either. Now that's a good groove.

It was the first band I've heard since I've been here that was so good that I don't know if I could hang with them. They were just incredible.

Anyway, the day started out in suck, and ended in incredible. Much better than the opposite.

Now I'm off to Texas! Yee-Haw!!!

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