Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Favorite Font...

It's no secret to anybody that knows me that my favorite font is Times New Roman. Elegant, easy to read, compact... It's like a classy lady that manages to be hot at the same time.

Arial is usually the default font on most programs I've encountered. I've never liked Arial. Sprawling, crude, ungainly. I've never understood why people use it voluntarily. It's like dating the ugly girl when the cute one is right there beside her... *sigh*

Alas, I noticed that it's freakin' hard to read on this blog when I use Times New Roman. For whatever reason, it just doesn't show too well. And guess what font does? Arial.


Bonus points if you know where that quote is actually from!

While I'm rambling, let me throw out a tip for anybody coming to a dueling pianos show. If you ask us to do a song, and we tell you we don't know it, we DON'T KNOW IT.

1) Insisting that we DO know it, that we HAVE to know it, that EVERYBODY knows it will not make us change our mind and say "Oh, well now that you mention it, I really DO know it! Glad you persisted."

2) Yelling out the name of the song at every (relatively) quiet moment will also not annoy us into magically producing the song right out of our collective asses.

3) Telling us how important it is that you hear it does not enable us to magically download it into the iPod we had surgically implanted in our brains.

4) Offering to sing it to us really doesn't help, either. First of all, we usually don't let people sing onstage anyway, as we are not karaoke. Second of all, alcohol makes you sing in a monotone. Really, it does. Tape yourself if you don't believe me. Third, even if you sing it, WE STILL DON'T KNOW THE SONG.

Okay, I realize that absolutely nobody will be prevented from this behavior by my blog. But damn, it felt good to say!



  1. First AHH! THE INHUMITY! was hat chick from the infomercials. B) I like Ariel it has character.

  2. Well, I'm not sure if you were joking - but just in case you weren't...

    It was first made famous in the live video broadcast of the Hindenburg tragedy.

    See, I pick this shit up with my Nerd Osmosis!

  3. Caleb5:57 PM

    I guess you really can't do sarcasm through text