Thursday, May 08, 2008

Speaking of double standards...

Rachel Lucas already went after this one and tore it to shreds.

Here's the original article published in Men's Health. It's the 8 things your girlfriend hates about you. Talk about something to make bile rise up in your throat. Well, before I had time to cogitate over the best way to look at this one, here's what the incredible Miss Lucas did with it:

How about 8 things he hates about you?

Brilliant. This is why she's become one of my favorite bloggers. Her bullshit tolerance is set pretty damned close to zero.


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I thought the whole thing was hilarious, on both sides. But if something annoys you, why not just say so? Anyway, vive la difference!


  2. Well, if the original article was intended as humor, it'd be a different matter. But when it's serious? And it's printed in a so-called Men's Magazine?

    Of course, I let my subscription to that magazine drop after I realized that every single article was about all the ways that you are just not good enough. They don't realize just how damned good I am.