Thursday, January 15, 2004

Call me weird, but I don't like to watch people making idiots out of themselves. I'm not talking about people who do what they do regardless of other people's opinions; I'm talking about the opposite. Those who are trying to gain respect, and only garnering annoyance.

Yet that seems to be the basis of about half the humor on TV and Film. Watch so-and-so act like a complete idiot and laugh at them!



Why exactly is that funny? It just makes me uncomfortable. And I find most things in life funny, so I doubt it's that I have no sense of humor.

I was watching "Angel" last night. Since the end of Buffy *sniff* and the cancellation of "Firefly" *double sniff*, "Angel" has been my only dose of Whedon for the week. And I've been waiting for a new episode since last year.

Turns out that the entire episode was the about the character of Harmony, the ditzy blonde vampire, making an idiot out of herself. Thankfully, I had taped it, so I got to fast-forward all the embarrassing moments. Which made the episode last about ten minutes.

Now I realize that an occasional embarrassing moment can be funny, and true to life, as well. But over and over and over again? That's not funny to me, it's just painful.

Oh well, I'll quit griping. There's a new episode coming out next week. I have hopes.

Remember - if you have to reach up for the car door handle, you're probably too drunk to drive.


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