Saturday, January 03, 2004

Well, here it is. 2004. A nice, round number.

It's been a good start to the year so far. Charlize Theron decided to get fat. Angelina Jolie is giving cows away. Steve Irwin topped Michael Jackson's balcony stunt in "things not to do with newborn children." Though I doubt the Crocodile Hunter is going to start inviting small children to sleep in his bed, unlike a certain MJ I won't mention.

If he were alive, this would be J. R. R. Tolkien's Eleventy-First Birthday. If you don't get that, I'm not going to bother explaining. Go rent "Fellowship of the Ring" - or better yet, read the book. It even has pictures, if you get the right edition.

My website is about to be undergoing some renovations... Many thanks to my webmaster Herb Midgley for his help in this. If there's anything you want to see more of (other than Jeri Ryan nude - I can't help with that), be sure to email me, and let me know.

In addition to this blog, I'll be updating the pictures section, and setting up a set of essays. On what, you ask? Okay, you didn't ask, and that's good, because I don't know yet. But I like to write, because I'm egotistical that way (and most other ways, too).

Many thanks to all of you who've come out to see me at "Howl at the Moon." It's been quite an adventure learning how to break out of my classical bubble and enter the more modern world of rock music. But I'm loving it.

To those who've asked - yes, I'm going to release more CDs. Right now I'm in the writing stage. As soon as I have material that I'm 99% satisfied with (I'll never reach 100%), I'll get started on the rest of the recording process. But I want to do it right, so it may take some time. Patience, my young Jedi.

Anyway, come back often, email me, and stay in touch. Give me money, if you want; I won't object!

Happy New Year!


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