Saturday, January 10, 2004

I just realized today that I've been on the full-time entertainment staff of Howl at the Moon for six months now.

Now, in all honesty, that's largely because they've been desperate shortstaffed for pianists for about... Umm... Six months now.

But I'm not one to look a gift mouth in the horse, so I won't complain. And if they ever get overstaffed, well, I know other piano bars that are not!

But in all honesty, it's been great. If any of the guys that I work with read this - it's been awesome working with you.

My friends are all tired of hearing how much I love my job, but I'm living the dream. I make a decent living, and I'm doing something I intensely love.

And some chicks think it's hot. :)

I'm just feeling very grateful right now.

Remember -
The Stork brings the good babies, like all of you reading this.
The Raven brings the bad babies, like me.
And the Swallow brings no babies at all.


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